Need summat? Don’t with Yellow Pages (do they still do those?). Take a peek here and use pen and paper, keyboards or mobile telephone devices to communicate…


Deputy Chairman Martin Law Telephone 07918 880777
General Secretary      Martin Shearn Telephone 0118 9620044 or 07952 829754
Treasurer Margaret Wrigley Telephone 0118 9345229 or 07770 636464
Registration Secretary


Stephen Saunders Telephone 07875 387847
Fixtures Secretary


Alex Donaldson Telephone 07764 575221
Referees’ Secretary


Peter Hitt Telephone 07941 502445


Or, if you’re not sure where to head to, let us know right here. We sit in an office all day so would welcome a chat. Could even go for dinner and a beer? Don’t want to be too forward, but we like you already…

Only kidding…any questions or want to get hold of us, drop your details below & we’ll aim to be with you at the end of tomorrow…